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27 April 2016 @ 04:02 pm

You can find me at [personal profile] clover .

I will use this journal for backtracking and other such things at my own damn will.
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22 August 2014 @ 11:50 pm
 “Surprises are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable.” 
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18 May 2013 @ 05:54 pm
Search Firefly on tumblr? All I got were a MLP and the TV show. Not a single actual firefly. It amused me. Well, I only went forward a few pages, but you know.
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19 April 2013 @ 08:32 am

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28 January 2013 @ 08:32 am

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18 October 2012 @ 06:22 pm

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19 June 2010 @ 11:48 am

I took one Draught of Life
I'll tell you what I paid
Precisely an existence
The market price, they said.
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02 March 2010 @ 11:09 am
I miss being a kid. It's pretty funny because I remember a handful of times various people would tell me to enjoy myself. You are only young once. I threw all of it away on teenage angst and mental illness/screwage and became a mother much too soon. I had a couple of months of confusion where nothing existed and then I was someone else entirely.

I know that underneath it all I am happy. My boys are amazing and I feel generally sad for people who don't have kids. This is what life is about. It's not money or having the best things or the most fun it's life. It's living. It's sharing and loving. Life. Everything else is just drama and stress we make important and none of it should be.

So today I am happy.
Current Mood: happy
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18 February 2010 @ 03:14 pm
Punkaholic People! )
She's here! My second Blythe, Punkaholic People. I absolutely adore her. The only thing that annoys me is that she has stock eyecolors and the pink and orange are the forward facing ones and I hate them. So I am going to buy her some really pretty green ones and some gray ones because I think those would be best! I just have to practice changing eyes on my Mod Molly first =)
Her awesome Box! I just realized her face type is different from Mod Molly so I will take pictures to compare later. I like this mold better for sure.

Her nails are painted red! I love that so much.

I'll take better pictures later, seriously. I'm sick and this was the best I could do in five minutes. I'm so freaking excited, though. Wow.

Also? There is an app on Ipod/Itouch I downloaded that lists all the new Blythe releases and g
ives all the info! It even has a wishlist thing. Heeeee. I thought that was sweet and it excited me! But yeah. I'll shut up now.