16 October 2017 @ 06:05 am
Put on cheap walmart 'dress pants' that are black with little white polkadots. These motherfuckers have pockets, I need pockets. Think I'll look super cute with a black shirt.

Result? I look like I'm in fancy ass pajamas. 

10 October 2017 @ 10:10 am
It's not a secret I don't like football. I especially don't like kids playing football because of how dangerous it is. I particularly don't like high school football because schools are always cutting budgets on things like the arts for their fucking football team. 

My oldest son is in competition marching band. They aren't a pep band, they are not a show band. They do competitions. They have more trophies than their school's football team. No joke.

So this last friday night the football announcer at our glorious brand new broke-the-school-district stadium went on facebook after the game and said that the marching band is only there to support the football team and that they lost because the band kids do not support the team. That they were setting up their show before the 4th was finished and that the band director talked too long before the band played. That the band kids sometimes cheer for the other teams! That their only purpose is to support the football team. A lot of other unsavory things were said, but I missed the post before it got deleted and had to be nosy and text another parent and ask what was said. Something about how marching band parents leave after halftime and thats disrespectful. Yeahhhh I'm one of those. I pay to get in, and I leave, because I fucking hate football. I gave you money for your fucking stadium to support the fucking school and your fucking football team, but I can leave when I fucking want. 

Their show is called Lost Vegas. It's an apocalyptic Vegas. The fucking color guard runs around rampant in the beginning and sometimes they look around looking for survivors. Which they changed. They also wear red ribbons. They also SELL the red ribbons and every cent goes to the victims and family of what happened in Las Vegas.

OF COURSE THE BAND DIRECTOR HAD TO TALK BEFORE. The kids won't even wear their Lost Vegas shirts anymore after what happened. They have been working their asses off --- mind you, just as hard as football players (the band kids have to run a bunch of laps and stand in the heat and rain and are physically exhausted, yes!) --- since late July! They cant change their show now, but they are upset and sad. So at the start of every show they are going to talk about that and talk about what the red ribbons mean.

And this fucking announcer was all "they are only there to support the football team" bullshit.

Also, I know what he was talking about when cheering for the other team. They were cheering a good play, something awesome that happened for a specific player, and yeah, it was for the other team. You know that our marching band parents bake cookies for the opposing teams marching band? And yes, some of the other marching bands are pep bands and even show bands - but ours isnt. 

Naturally this guy isn't getting fired, either. Which I think is absolute bullshit.