18 February 2010 @ 03:14 pm
Punkaholic People!  
She's here! My second Blythe, Punkaholic People. I absolutely adore her. The only thing that annoys me is that she has stock eyecolors and the pink and orange are the forward facing ones and I hate them. So I am going to buy her some really pretty green ones and some gray ones because I think those would be best! I just have to practice changing eyes on my Mod Molly first =)
Her awesome Box! I just realized her face type is different from Mod Molly so I will take pictures to compare later. I like this mold better for sure.

Her nails are painted red! I love that so much.

I'll take better pictures later, seriously. I'm sick and this was the best I could do in five minutes. I'm so freaking excited, though. Wow.

Also? There is an app on Ipod/Itouch I downloaded that lists all the new Blythe releases and g
ives all the info! It even has a wishlist thing. Heeeee. I thought that was sweet and it excited me! But yeah. I'll shut up now.

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isaymeow[personal profile] isaymeow on February 18th, 2010 10:08 pm (UTC)
She's so amazing, I'm Jealous! The detail down to her painted nails, studded belt and guitar are crazy! She looks like a female sex pistol, have you picked a name for her?

I know what you mean about the eyechips -- there are some like the pinks or peach that just look creepy! I was looking at some of the sets and there are some crazy prism ones that caught my eye but I need to focus on the simple stuff first. Poor Mini Me has super greasy looking hair and smells like cigar smoke (Blech!). I need to get some baby shampoo I guess. Are you supposed to de-scalp them first or can you wash them with the eye/pull ring unit in?
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